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Tacit Retraction?

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“Ashok Todi in his recorded statement to the CBI has recounted how after meeting Gyanwant Singh (then deputy commissioner of police, headquarters) on September 4, he was resigned to his daughter not returning home, when he got a feeler from Pappu.”

This is from

How deals were struck behind Rizwanur’s back – Who got cash & how much


The Telegraph Investigation

published on November 19, 2007.

I think the least they could have done was – well, what they have done. They might have written something to take back all the blame so far heaped on Mr. Gyanwant Singh. They might have written a short paragraph on how it is pretty clear from their ‘investigation’ that Mr. Singh did not take any steps to coerce Priyanka to separate herself from Rizwanur. They might have clarified that Mr. Singh had not interfered with a couple’s personal life when the girl’s father sought help from him to separate the two. Instead, they have printed a single sentence, almost as an afterthought. Good beginning, I am inclined to say. This is more than what could have been expected of The Telegraph. If the authors of the article are reading this post: Thank You – and congratulations on showing a tacit inclination at ethical reporting.

As far as the ‘investigation’ is concerned, I’ll wait for the CBI report.

Written by kapush

November 24, 2007 at 9:40 am

will name this later…

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so i have been wondering, who stands to gain from Riz’s death? who knows the whole truth about Gyanwant? and many other smart questions are crowding my mind, and i keep thinking that i am terribly intelligent. i keep telling myself that because no one else does. oh well… some analysis will not hurt.
but first:
notwithstanding my belief in the man – or inability to lose faith in him, i wanted a first hand account from someone who would know. Gyanwant says he spoke to Priyanka in the presence of her parents. i contacted one of Riz Sir’s students from Arena. He was a polite enough person, but made it very clear that he thought that the public should beat the crap out of Singh. not bad, i thought, and not very innovative either. asked him if he knew about the medical kit case; he didnt. which should not have come as a surprise. but i will not talk about the current generation now. dont need anymore enemies at present. anyway, i tried to point out in subtle ways (yeahrite) that Gyanwant’s career doesnt quite show him as a person who could be bought. but this boy was not too responsive. he remained civil, however, and apart from the occasional sarcasm, i did not have contend with anything but polite patience. i thank him for that. i asked him for Priyanka’s version of the story.
the next day i have one hate scrap and one threat scrap from another student. now i am a chamcha. not bad. not half bad. i did not delete the scrap, but asked this girl the same thing: get me the truth – get me Priyanka’s side of the story. there was no reply to that.
here’s part of hate scrap:

anay kora anayke prosroy deoa aki byapar.apnake manusher porjaye felte parlam na.sry.jekhane sokol manus aj rizanurer hatyakarir sasti chay.sekhane apni tader hoye safai gaichhen jara aporadhi…bha..bha..bha


apnader moto chamcheder monsatyo,bibekbodh konotai nei buzlam kintu evabe amader thamate parben na.protibad thambe na..doya kore okalti bondho korun..akhono apnar monusottyer kichhu jodi bechhe thake..nei bolei mone hoy..

it is easy to sit at home and talk about injustice and what ought to be done. even easier, perhaps, to go out in a procession because u r not on ur own then. shortcut to righteous indignation is a wonderful thing. but the moment u r asked to take responsibility for something important, something that could actually throw light on the situation, and all the fun goes out of indignation and grief. all of a sudden u have to work hard to get at the truth. it is not longer convenient to simply presume that u know it all and hurl abuses at people and demand justice.

i am bitter about this attitude, not bitter at the two Arena students i have interacted with. do not wish to sound condescending at all, but when u r young, u dont really need to think deep. emotions are all that matter. but i wish they would answer my question. they could be of enormous help here, if only they would relinquish their luxurious grief and start analysing the situation here.

i think this post has become long enough. i will continue in the next post.

Written by kapush

October 1, 2007 at 6:38 pm

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