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Maurya and I

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You will probably find all this ridiculous if you cannot think of your pets as family. Regardless, I believe I owe it to my family to publish certain things…


This is Chew .

He and his two sisters came to us when they were about two months old. Their mom would come to our garden with them and leave them to play there. Once she realized they were safe she left them with us. Chew was a gentlemanly cat. When other kitties crowded our home he would stay away for long periods. He simply could not bear the divided attention, and was too dignified to ask for more. We never realized he was sick. We could see that he had lost weight, but he looked and behaved normal. Once, he did not come home for two days. This was about two months back, in May 2008. On the third day my mother went out looking for him, found him too weak to move and carried him home. We never took him to a vet. We had our reasons – which I intend to enumerate in a separate article. We could have taken him to Moitri but he looked too weak. Instead, we took him to our family physician who is a homeopath, and has cured many of our cats. My own reasearch on the Net revealed Chew had symptoms of diabetes. Dr. Roy assured us it was a case of paralysis that was affecting both dogs and cats these days. We were reassured. Chew appeared to improve. He did not leave home again. Sometimes he would sit outside, in the sun.

Around the last week of May his condition deteriorated rapidly. I still did not want to move him because he was too weak. We called Dr. Soumen Chatterjee who came highly recommended. He found nothing particularly wrong with Chew and told us that he was merely in shock because of some fight with other tom-cats that he must have had. Chew was prescribed Resource Powder – a high protein supplement. He did not want to eat that – in fact he resisted the extra protein. We force fed him, because surely it was good for him. Didn’t the Doctor say it was? He seemed better for a while. After that we were forced to call Dr. Chatterjee again. A whole week was wasted already. He could not understand what was wrong and lamented that this was the problem with animals: they could not tell us of their troubles. He prescribed fluids to take care of the acute dehydration and anemia that was now apparent. One of the fluids was Haemaccel®. I somehow managed to find someone who could administer the fluid. This very competent man held Chew like he was cattle and put in the needle and expected us to keep him still while he took a call. The needle slipped and then he tried poking it in again. We decided Chew was better off dehydrated than tortured. We paid the man Rs. 200 for his troubles. I had brought him home on my two wheeler. He expected me to reach him to the main road so he could go home easily. I gave him clear directions and bid him goodnight.

The next day we went to Moitri. Dr. Sourav Banerjee understood what was wrong with him even before the blood tests were done and prescribed the proper medicines and fluid. When the test results came out we found Chew was suffering from diabetes, chronic renal failure and accompanying non regenerative anemia. He was NOT supposed to have been on a high protein diet. Haemaccel® would have killed him sooner because of its crystalline nature. It is contraindicated in case of renal problems. (Here is a page that provides relevant information on it). Dr. Banerjee was almost apologetic and nodded his head while looking at the report: ‘ I don’t know what to say’ he said. And i could see that he saw his patients as patients, and that he was a doctor, not a businessman. Chew died two days later, at five to four in the morning of June 12, 2008. His eyes had gone still and had remained that way for the last four hours of his life. I don’t think he recognized any of us any during those final hours.

This is Two.

Why he has such a curious name is a different story. Two had not been well for a very long time. He had been treated by so called doctors, including Dr. Soumen Chatterjee when he visited us for Chew. Two was prescribed an antibiotic and a mouth gel and a spray which I could not locate in any of the Medical Stores that i went to. There was apparently nothing seriously wrong with him except for some mouth/tooth infection, and perhaps he had also caught a bit of cold. After Chew died we did not delay further and took him to Moitri. Dr. Sourav Banerjee, as before, did not need a blood test to diagnose his condition. The test results were less unfortunate than Chew’s: Two was suffering from chronic renal failure with a creatinine count of 10.4  (Chew measured above 14) and acute anemia (5.8). Two was kept on medicine and mostly fluid – twice daily- for a month. I took leave from work during the last phase to look afer him constantly as also to turn the Net upside down for some remedy. I went to work on July 11, 2008 and called home. Two had passed away at quarter to eleven in the morning.

He would put up a fight whenever we tried to administer the fluid. The solution was simple, which we should have found out earlier than we did: we only had to put him in my mother’s lap – or should I say, his mother’s lap, and he would be quiet. He was on her lap when he died. He had looked around, just before death. Ma thought he was looking for me. Possible. Guests, who heard him call ma were always surprised to hear him call calling ‘maa’ and not ‘meow’. He was four and a half years old when he died. He had never really grown up. Liked to sit with ma in the kitchen. Would sleep beside her, with a paw on her. He was the big healthy baby who did not like his mother talking on the phone. He would keep meowing whenever she did, and even tried to take the receiver away from her with his paw.

I am glad Chew and Two died the way they did. It could have been much worse. They could have drowned, like Meemee. Or poisoned, like Lomba Lej. Or dumped somewhere – probably in a lake, by our neighbours, in a sack, like at least four others. We are thankful they died amongst their family knowing always that they were loved and cared for.

Chronic Renal Failure in Cats

Feline CRF can happen because of a number of reasons. The symptoms are quite clear, however. Increased thirst, weight loss, wounds that refuse to heal, foul breath usually accompanied by dental tartar, weak hind legs in many instances – which is also a clear symptom of diabetes. I have also noticed other symptoms which may or may not be clinically acknowledged. Cats thus affected tend to go for raw fish or meat. The reason being, protein, generally speaking, is not particularly healthy for CRF cats since the weakened kidneys cannot get rid of the toxins produced through protein metabolism. On the other hand, without protein, cats are weakned further. They seem to know instinctively, which some doctors also know, that the protein content in raw meat/fish is absorbed almost completely by the body leaving little or no toxic waste for removal. If you are unfortunate enough to have a CRF cat in your family, please do not force him to eat the usual Renal Diet which he will probably find unappealing.  A raw fish diet is just fine. They seem to know their health better than we do. Chew had stopped eating rice almost completely. It was not until the blood work was done that we knew he was diabetic. Please don’t force your cat to eat what he doesn’t want to. Understand that he may be terminal, and he needs all the love and care that you can give him. He might not understand why you have put him on a restricted diet, especially when his inbuilt mechanism is telling him to go exactly for the food that you will not let him have. Dr. Banerjee tried his best, but after the final blood work, he simply said, ‘There is nothing more that we can do; give him whatever he wants to eat; let him remain happy and comfortable’. We hope we were able to do just that.

Another symptom – very important when you have to diagnose a doctor: a real doctor will not lament that animals cant talk , that they cannot tell us of their grief. A real doctor will know. And in spite of his knowing he will insist upon tests just to make sure that his diagnosis is correct. Both Dr. Chatterjee and Dr. Banerjee are associated with Moitri. I really have no idea why Dr. Chatterjee could neither diagnose the problems nor bother to get blood tests done when he could see that the animal that was his patient could not talk to us.

This article may be found in my website in this page. There is much that I would like to put in here, including a review of vets that I have come to know personally, and where one can find decent facilities for animals in Kolkata, as also what to avoid. I also intend to publish my own experience with Alternative Remedies and their efficacy as far as animals are concerned. Please visit in a month for updates.


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STOP THE SEAL HUNT: please follow the link below…

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I got this through email first, and then came upon this site: please let us do something. Visit the link below to learn more:


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Fw: How low can humanity go – please sign this petition

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this is what i received via e-mail. i would say “the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American” is what ought to be boycotted. one sadistic pervert practising his ‘art’ is one thing, but an association endorsing it-and the viewers appreciating it… i just dont know what to say.

the ‘artist’ defended his action by saying that he wanted to show the hypocrisy that allows dogs on the street to die unnoticed and cries foul at what he has done. well, he failed, apparently: the visitors took no notice of the dog. still, i wonder: how many of the people signing the online petition ever really cared to feed a stray? ever? when i signed there were 547620 signatures total. quite a lot. i didnt know there were so many animal lovers in the world. nice to know. nice indeed. i wish they would (perhaps they do already) take care of just one stray animal in their lifetime. that would be 547620 poor creatures saved from starvation and torture. if i were younger i would probably write a blog and send e-mails around on this. today, this will have to do i guess…

Subject: How low can humanity go – please sign this petition

Hi All,

this is a very serious matter…
In 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him to a rope in an art gallery, starving him to death.
For several days, the ‘artist’ and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful ‘masterpiece’ based on the dog’s agony, until eventually he

Does it look like art to you?

But this is not all… the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the ‘installation’ was actually art, so that Guillermo

Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.

Let’s STOP HIM!!!!!

Copy and paste this link into your computer web browser http://www.petitiononline.com/ea6gk/petition.html
You’ll come onto the page where you can click on “sign the petition”,
On the next page you need to “preview your signature”, so click on that, then click “approve signature”
Please do it.
It’s free of charge, there is no need to register, and it will only take 1 minute to save the life of an innocent creature.
Please also send this e-mail to as many contact as you can… Let’s stop him!!!

If you want to double check all the above information you can Google the name of the ‘artist’ to see all I have just said corresponds to truth, .
Thank you

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Dog-haters list methods to kill on Orkut

Archana Sharma | TNN

Mumbai: The thoughts are gory and the messages chilling. Tips on how to kill dogs are being circulated on social networking site Orkut, with 1,000 of its members—some apparently from ‘aamchi Mumbai’—forming an ‘I Hate Dogs’ community online. If so, their actions are illegal.
On Monday, the animal rights o r g a n i s at i o n , People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), wrote a letter to the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police after repeated requests by animal lovers to ban the online
community received no response from the networking site.
By Wednesday, a dog was found in Andheri, Mumbai, with five air gun pellets in her body, one of them in her private parts. That is close to what someone called ‘Meldon Rodrigues’, member of the Orkut community, had exhorted fellow members to do: “Shoot them with airgun/pellets in their testicles.”
The Orkut jottings are disturbing, to say the least. Persons, purportedly from Mumbai, have boasted of throwing out a puppy from a high-rise window or running a car over a dog again and again until it dies.
In one Orkut entry, ‘Ashay Khopade, a graduate’ boasts of killing two dogs with his car “after 10-12 hard tries’’. During Diwali festivities last week, city veterinarians were reported to have treated many cases of dogs being scalded with firecracker injuries.
‘Meldon Rodrigues’ also recommends, “Put petrol on their bums..n watch them suffer’’.
After news spread of the hate-dog site, the members were bombarded with hate messages from pet lovers. ‘Rodrigues’ has apparently delinked himself from the online community. Moreover, the section “How to kill dogs” has been removed from the ‘I hate dogs’ community.

The Times of India, Kolkata, November 22, Page 8.

Dog shot with air gun in Mumbai
22 Nov 2007, 0036 hrs IST,Archana Sharma ,TNN
MUMBAI: Boastful entries detailing how members of an online community tortured dogs may not be fiction after all. A dog found in Andheri, Mumbai, on Wednesday had five air gun pellets in its body, one of them in its private parts.

That is close to what someone called ‘Meldon Rodrigues’, member of the Orkut community ‘I hate dogs’, had exhorted fellow members to do: ‘Shoot them with airgun/pellets in their testicles.’

TOI had reported about the online community, which listed ways to kill dogs. A few months ago, Karuna for Animals in Distress, an Andheri-based NGO, had found a five-year-old bitch suffering from mammarian gland cancer. The lump was so big that it would touch the ground and the black mongrel had to drag it around painfully. Karuna’s veterinarians operated on the animal, now called Rani, and removed the lump.

However, recently, the animal seemed in distress again, so on Wednesday the NGO again took it in for care.

“She didn’t seem alright so we thought that she may have a new tumour. We decided to take an X-ray and the outcome shocked us,” said veterinarian Shirish Deshpande. He said there were bullets lodged in Rani’s abdomen, vertebral column and even private parts.

Deshpande said Rani couldn’t be operated on to remove the bullets as the procedure would have risked her life. The bullets are lodged at various places and at a distance from each other.

“In a similar case earlier, we had tried to remove the bullet, but when we operated that dog we realised that the two-dimensional X-ray had misled us,” said Deshpande. Meanwhile, after TOI’s report, Rodrigues, who had also recommended to “put petrol on their bums…n watch them suffer” has apparently delinked himself from the online community.

Moreover, the section “How to kill dogs” has been removed from the ‘I hate Dogs’ community. A member signed on as ‘Ashay Khopade’, who had boasted of killing two dogs with his car “after 10-12 hard tries”, has kept his profile hidden.

The members are being bombarded with hate messages by pet lovers.

link for original article.

any useful suggestion here? and i am talking to normal human beings here. something we could do other than writing in blogs to stop these pathetic psychopaths?

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Gyanwant Singh

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this and subsequent posts on Singh and the Rizwanur case in general are for a very specific reason: investigation will hopefully reveal who is guilty, however, it is alarming how public opinion shifts, and how fast. in this case it is probably because
the police have done a great job over the years making sure they invoke hatred and fear in the average person, and yes, distrust.

Gyanwant Singh was all over the news channels. previously when he was in Murshidabad, anyone could walk into his office – this from an ex-bdo. he has always kept in touch with the masses. when i first called his office for an appointment, the person at the other end of the phone simply offered to pass the call over to him directly ‘apni sir’er shongey kotha boley nin na’. he was called in by FM to spread anti drug messages. he was, in brief, beloved of the masses, the human face of the police, someone u could talk to.

right now, see for urselves, he is simply being judged as a policeman, and therefore corrupt. i have talked to people whose opinion i value and respect, and they are of the same oponion. one of them told me ‘Rizwan did not see the Gyanwant that u met’. She was right of course. these are all cops, and from what little experience i have, cops are a different species altogether. still, i cant bring myself to believe that Gyanwant was up for sale. for the masses, a lot of them, he is a policeman, no more. for me, he is a human being i happen to know. thats what makes all the difference. if i didnt know him personally, i would have reacted like the rest: police top brass? has to be corrupt.

i say there isnt enough evidence for one very specific reason.

i havent seen a single news report that provides us with Priyanka’s version of the story. we dont know, and do not seem very interested in knowing what exactly our ex-hero cop did. it is enough that his name was taken: let us condemn him until proven innocent, and then condemn him some more. never mind his past records. this is what i call lack of evidence.



‘Some people came, said I would be murdered’

A police jeep burns in Park Circus. Picture by Pradip Sanyal
Calcutta, Sept. 22: Rizwanur Rehman filed an appeal with the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights two days before his mysterious death, the NGO said today.

He had alleged threats by his father-in-law, businessman Ashok Todi, as well as police ever since he got married against the Todi family’s wishes. The APDR claim was backed up by Rizwanur’s sister-in-law Zahida, who said she had taken a peek as the young man keyed the appeal in on his PC.

“He said he wanted to fight till the end and was confident he would bring his wife back home,” Zahida said. Here is part of what the appeal says:

Aug. 18, 2007: Rizwanur and Todi’s daughter marry at registrar Sipra Ghosh’s office.

Aug. 31: The girl leaves the Todi home in Salt Lake, moves into her husband’s home in Tiljala Lane. The couple inform the police commissioner, deputy commissioner (south), the North 24-Parganas superintendent and other officers of their marriage.

Aug. 31 evening: The girl calls Todi, tells him about her marriage. Todi and family members arrive at Rizwanur’s place and try in vain to persuade her to return. Todi calls Karaya police who, too, fail. “They left threatening my family members of arresting all of us,” Rizwanur writes.

Sept. 1: The couple are called to Lalbazar where Sukanta Chakraborty, assistant commissioner (anti-rowdy section), asks the girl to return to her father for a few days. She refuses.

Sept. 3: Some people arrive and tell Rizwanur’s brother Rukbanur and his uncles that “if my wife is not sent back to her parents, I would be kidnapped and murdered”.

Sept. 4: The couple are again summoned to Lalbazar. DC (headquarters) Gyanwant Singh speaks to the girl in the presence of her parents. She tells Singh her parents are mentally torturing her.

Sept. 7: The girl’s aunt comes to the Tiljala house and says Todi is in hospital. The girl refuses to go. Local MLA Jawed Khan arrives and advises the couple to visit Todi.

Sept. 8: The couple are summoned to Lalbazar, and go with Rizwanur’s brother and uncles. Detective chief Ajay Kumar gives them two options: “she must visit her parents for seven days”, else “I will be arrested on a complaint by her father on charges of abduction and stealing valuables and she will be handed over to her parents”.

They accept the first option. Kumar and Chakraborty assure Rizwanur the girl is his legal wife, and he can approach the law if she does not return after seven days. Her uncle Anil Saraogi writes on a plain white paper he is taking her to her parents’ place for seven days.

“We knew perhaps we will never meet again. (We) vowed that if we don’t meet again, we will take our lives.”

Sept. 8 night: Girl calls Rizwanur, says she is at her parents’ place.

Sept. 9: The girl calls him from another mobile, says they must wait for more than seven days as her father is going to Tirupati and other holy places. She says he would not be harmed. Rizwanur says he can wait as long as her parents want him to, provided they speak to him after seven days and take some concrete decisions. He agrees to wait without taking any legal action.

Sept. 11: The girl speaks to Rizwanur the last time, tells him Todi is checking up on him and wants details of his relationship with a college friend that ended in 2004. “Maybe my wife’s parents wanted to influence her that I do not have a good character.”

He had, however, told the girl everything about it. She asks him not to worry. He gives her the college friend’s phone number and address. She says they would meet on Sunday, September 16. “That was the last I heard from my wife….”

Sept. 15: Rizwanur tries in vain to get in touch with his wife and Todi.

Sept. 18: Sadique Hossain, a marriage witness, gets a call apparently from Lalbazar saying he would be physically harmed for “forcing (my wife) into this marriage”.

The Telegraph contacted the commissioner and some of those named in the appeal. Their reactions:

Commissioner Prasun Mukherjee: “We shall inquire into all the allegations.”

Gyanwant: “A well-wisher of the Rehman family brought the couple to me. I spoke to the girl and found out she wanted to stay with her husband. Then they left.”

Kumar: “I merely told Rizwanur a case of kidnapping had been filed against him and he could face arrest unless his wife returned home.

something seems amiss here: ‘a well-wisher from the Rehman family’??

check this out:
Rizwan’s family allege harassment by three top cops

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, Sept. 22: The mystery behind Rizwan Rehman’s death deepened today as the victim’s family members raised allegations that he was threatened by three senior officers of the Kolkata Police before his unnatural death.
The victim’s family has lodged a complaint with the Kareya police station and demanded a high-level inquiry by the CID or the CBI. They alleged that Rizwan was being threatened by officers of the Anti Rowdy Section of the city police’s detective department. Both Rizwan and his wife Priyanka were called to Lalbazar thrice, where they alleged, Rizwan was harassed.
On 31 August, the couple was called to Lalbazar, and Rizwan was asked to leave Priyanka. When the couple refused, assistant commissioner police (Anti Rowdy Section)DD, Mr S Chakraborty, told Rizwan that he would be implicated in false cases, the victim’s relatives alleged.

Three days later, the couple was called again by DC (head quarters) Mr Gyanwant Singh. Rizwan was again threatened.

On 9 September, the deputy commissioner (detective department) Mr Ajay Kumar called them and Rizwan was threatened that his family and career would be doomed if he refused to leave his wife, who is daughter of industrialist Mr Ashok Todi. The harassment continued even after the couple produced their marriage certificate and age proof, Mr J Rehman, the victim’s uncle alleged. Even though AC-ARS, Mr S Chakraborty and DC (DD) Mr Ajoy Kumar refused to pick up the phone,

Mr Gyanwant Singh said: “I did not threaten anyone. I spoke with the girl, not the boy.”

The victim’s brother, Rukban Rehman said Priyanka and Rizwan had met in a multimedia institute where Rizwan worked. Priyanka was a student there. They fell in love and married on 18 August. They were staying in Rizwan’s house. The girl’s father, Mr Todi used his contacts in the political circle and Lalbazar to harass Rizwan, Rukban alleged.
“The girl’s father signed a bond on 9 September before DC-DD, Mr Ajoy Kumar that he is taking Priyanka home for just seven days. That was the last time the couple saw each other. For three days they kept in touch over the phone. But from 12 September, Priyanka’s mobile was switched off,” Rukban alleged.
When this correspondent reached Mr Todi’s house at CG-235 in Salt Lake, the house was found locked. His landline number went unanswered and his mobile was switched off. Security guards said the Todi family had left the city on 12 September.


so there are multiple versions of Singh’s story published. why is there no verification on that? why doesnt anyone bother to publish Priyanka’s take on what had happened. or any other form of verification? somehow we are content to condemn. period. the issue is to find out what happened, and who the killer is. the separate issue of who did what in the police is separate. the two are being clubbed, and the focus remains on condemnation first. perhaps that is the way these things are investigated…

the purpose here is to show my point of view of the situation with reference to a specific person. no matter what the investigation turns up – or if it is suppressed like many other cases, i prefer to voice my opinion on the actions of someone i would say is innocent until proven guilty. amen to that.

btw: this is speculation, but Gyanwant’s friends must be furious with Mr. Bhadra because he has dared to allege that Singh is involved in a situation where money has changed hands. of course he is involved, and of course he is mentined as one of the four involved who – this is how i like to see it – did not tell the Todis to go to hell and leave the couple alone. Mr. Bhadra is totally within his rights to point a finger at as at the other three. and as he said on television last night, at the CM too, if he wanted. the circumstances do not require that anyone be spared from suspicion. i am writing here about my personal feelings regarding the man: doesnt mean he has to be above suspicion. all i am saying, basically, that I cant believe he is guilty, and that i have my reasons. Mr.Bhadra has every right to say what he wishes to say, and what he has stated already.

bottom line: if i know someone pesonally, i explain away his actions by referring to him as an individual. if i dont, i refer to him as a unit in a group, and condemn or praise him as part of the group with my ideas about the group for reference and facts about the situation in question as i see them. right. thats what i am doing here too.

i wanted to open an NGO to facilitate animal welfare. the wildlife board was in charge of Shri Gyanwant Singh, then DCDD1 (the Detective Department is in charge, by default). I went to Lalbazar, waited for a long time, was ushered inside his room. he was talking to someone, but did not forget to ask me to please sit down with a gesture that showed he was a gentleman, and not because he asked me to sit down. i opened the conversation with “i had sent you this letter (with the letter in hand) through e-mail and through speed post: never received a reply; i assume you did not receive it”. without a word he reached out for the letter, read it, and said in accented bengali, ” yes, this is a good project – hanh, e to bhalo jinis aachhe”. it took me a while to realize that he had actually agreed to be the President of my NGO simply because of the Cause. He was seeing me for the first time, and beyond the fact that i was a college lecturer, he did not know anything about me at all. but he agreed, risking his reputation, should i turn out to be an ordinary cheat trying to make some money through a worthless NGO and seeking protection by using his name.
actually, he might have been a little embarassed at his own goodness of heart, and tried to justify his decision by pointing to the names of the members “these are all good people… i mean, i dont personally know any of them, but all good people in good professions…”. i dont know what had made me more happy: the fact that he was helping me make my dream come true, or that i had met a member of a rare species, good human being.

recent controversies have perhaps reduced his fan following, perhaps not – i dont really know or care. i was never his fan, but had liked him instantly. i probably would have liked him even if he had refused to be with my Cause.

i’m sure a lot of us know from personal experience: it does not actually take a lifetime to know a person – u either know him, or u dont. i feel in my heart i know this man. and i believe he is innocent. i think he must have realized that it was beyond his power to help this young man be with his wife and was trying to dissuade him for his own good. assuming this was true – not that i would agree with him if it were, it would make perfect sense why he is being blamed today, along with the others. the commissioner, and most policemen and other public servants forget what they are: public SERVANTS. they are supposed to SERVE, not rule the public. the public, of course, is fully responsible for this. i have watched in disgust and then in apathy, people addressing even the constable of the local police station as ‘Sir’. I have felt a certain kind of apprehension when in Lalbazar. they have this visionary of a guest room manager (never met him) who believes in freezing the room even in summer so that glasses fog when u step out… and for people like me who are prone to throat infections and frequent colds, it is a virtual death trap. i chose to remain outside on subsequent visits, but somehow could not bring myself to demand a chair. it took a bit of polite argument to assume this unconventional posture of standing outside even though i was a visitor.
anyway, lets not mix things up: Gyanwant Singh is who he is; he is not Mr. Prasun Mukherjee, and neither is he in charge of the Detective Department now. We have, a lot of us, known and loved the man for his work, for reaching out to the public.. let us at least not condemn him now before he is judged. the official enquiry will bring out the truth and the guilty will be punished, hopefully. i only wish to state as my own very personal belief, that i FIRMLY BELIEVE Mr. Singh will not be one of them (notwithstanding his tendency to shoulder blame to save his juniors). i was trying to contact him today, but he was busy in a meeting. hopefully i shall be able to reach him tomorrow. if he is impatient with me (not likely), i will understand. perhaps i am being naive, but i dont think so. the rest of u out there, please do take sides on this on – or, actually, dont. there is not need for that. lets let justice take its course without wasting time on speculation based on media information. Mr. Sujato Bhadra has done more useful work till date than most policemen – corrupt or otherwise, will do in a lifetime. i am glad he is involved. he will not attack the wrong person. and since i have faith in both these gentlemen, i am kind of resting easy since the beginning of this case.

so far no word on my part for the deceased. well, there is none. there is no controversy regarding the kind of death it was. lets simply wait for justice, and do our bit to see to it that the innocent are NOT put under the sword to save the guilty should they turn out to be too numerous and too powerful.

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