Tacit Retraction?

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“Ashok Todi in his recorded statement to the CBI has recounted how after meeting Gyanwant Singh (then deputy commissioner of police, headquarters) on September 4, he was resigned to his daughter not returning home, when he got a feeler from Pappu.”

This is from

How deals were struck behind Rizwanur’s back – Who got cash & how much


The Telegraph Investigation

published on November 19, 2007.

I think the least they could have done was – well, what they have done. They might have written something to take back all the blame so far heaped on Mr. Gyanwant Singh. They might have written a short paragraph on how it is pretty clear from their ‘investigation’ that Mr. Singh did not take any steps to coerce Priyanka to separate herself from Rizwanur. They might have clarified that Mr. Singh had not interfered with a couple’s personal life when the girl’s father sought help from him to separate the two. Instead, they have printed a single sentence, almost as an afterthought. Good beginning, I am inclined to say. This is more than what could have been expected of The Telegraph. If the authors of the article are reading this post: Thank You – and congratulations on showing a tacit inclination at ethical reporting.

As far as the ‘investigation’ is concerned, I’ll wait for the CBI report.

Written by kapush

November 24, 2007 at 9:40 am

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