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Celebrating Pasolini… :)

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Meanwhile, a Calcutta High Court lawyer today lodged a complaint with the CBI against five Kolkata Police officers, including its former commissioner, Mr Prasun Mukherjee, for disregarding a 2006 verdict of the Supreme Court which enjoins upon civil servants not to interfere with any intercaste and inter-religious marriages.
“The five police officers are guilty under Section of the 166 of the Indian Penal Code. Mr Mukherjee and the former DC-HQ, Mr Gyanwant Singh, have also been charged with accepting gratification under Section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.
The two officers had accepted at least 800 T-shirts from Lux Cozi, a company owned by Mr Ashok Todi,” the lawyer said.


that was an anti drug drive. lux cozy had SPONSORED it.
the news report makes it look like the two officers accepted the tee shirts as bribe.
the charge made by the lawyer is the same.

less said the better about this.
who is this lawyer i wonder.
and perhaps i shd post a topic solely on lawyer jokes?

last night i talked to Sadique Hossain… over g-talk. chatted actually.

i asked him if he knew anything of Gyanwant’s role in the present case.
the answer was significant, but he would not allow me to publish it.

we talked for an hour, perhaps.
i cannot possibly analyse his statements and publish here.. that would be breaking faith.

he did take his chat with me off record after a while so that none of it is saved in gmail accounts.

however, he did permit me to publish two of his statements:

keu kichu bhul korenee…..even kharap kichu korenee…tara shudhu state kei represent koreche..even CP…….tai kau kei kono punishment deoa uchit na.


R riz k jeno keu pujo korte shuru na kore….ba bhabe she ja koreche seta darun kono byapar……..ba shorgio kono prem…emnite amader onek gulo debota ache…r na hole o cholbe………..r RIZ chilo ekjon athiest …o k shei vabei dekha uchit…riz kono boro kichu koreni…kono choto kichu o kore nee eta likho pls

we also had a an interesting but brief conversation on Riz’s death, which i shall reproduce below…

one more thing: he told me after the first comment that is published here that it would a Passolini movie script (we were using movie analogies – and i sure am glad we didnt get to the point where he would have found out about my ignorance in the subject :-p).
Passolini. Interesting. Isnt it?

sadique: u thnk riz were killed?

buzz off: funny u shd ask

sadique: do youhv ne prove?

buzz off: i havent investigated Riz’s death
but from what i have read about the situation and him,
i would say suicide is … i dont know, material for a ketan mehta film perhaps?
dont tell me u believe he committed suicide?

sadique: let me tell u wht i thnk abt da all accused plce men

buzz off: go ahead

sadique: keu kichu bhul korenee…..even kharap kichu korenee…tara shudhu state kei represent koreche..even CP…….tai kau kei kono punishment deoa uchit na….
eta passolini er flm holo.

buzz off: now.. why am i not surprised? ^_^

sadique: no u shld not be

[i changed my real name to blogger name here… would prefer to be known as buzz off when i am blogging thats all. if is easy

to find my real profile if anyone should require it for any reason]

running a bad fever currently, will try and update the blog later if am still alive…

image courtesy: [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6d/P_p_pasolini.jpg ]

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October 24, 2007 at 6:46 am