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i’ve been wondering, that FAQ entry of mine contained a question which is pretty significant:

7) Brilliant! So how come no body else noticed all this?
thank you. i dont know. i intend to find out.

was that sarcasm btw?

i think i have found out.

the public has not noticed because they are too emotional right now, and that state does not necessarily require one to be perceptive.

some have decided to treat the incident as a whole, that is, they have generalized according to their own ideology, namely,

police is bad, gyanwant is police, never mind what he has done specifically, they are all bad, they have to be, and this is a simple case of abuse of a Public Institution.

still others, the few who have been following all this and trying to get to the bottom of things, HAVE CERTAINLY NOTICED.

they have simply not publicized it.
there can be no other answer.
because the scene that i have been dealing with is incredibly simple. it is just not possible that i am the only intelligent person around.

lets classify these people:

the media: they have found a way to keep the flame of sales alive. in their shameless profit making scheme they have at least ensured that the case stays in the public eye. perhaps this will force an investigation after all.

the police: it would be erroneous to assume that the police is a big chunk of a body. it, like any other organization/institution, has its building blocks and segments, and yes, factions. i would be very surprised if Gyanwant were popular in every segment of this particular organization. as far as i see it, he is the anomoly, and as such, to be feared and, if possible, segregated, and definitely to be pounced upon whenever the opportunity might present itself.

the CID: i have been known to be arrogant, egoistic, and generally too full of myself; – all true, but even i cannot be so arrogant as to believe that the CID has not noticed or investigated what the press has deliberately ignored, and what i have been trying to point out. this of course leads us to the inevitable conclusion of vested interests. the commissioner did not exactly behave like a policeman, either good or bad. as someone very close to me pointed out, he spoke like a dominating office boss and patriarch combined. that is not necessarily bad. it is plain stupid. and it is probably going to cost him his seat. and if he has made that blunder, then it makes sense to cash in on it. someone is going to sit in his seat sometime. i wonder who that is, and if there is any betting going on over that. Gyanwant, if removed from the block of suspicious elements weakens the block so that people are not dead sure anymore that it is THE POLICE who has done certain things. they are no longer able to condemn en masse ALL the people whose names are connected with the case. this makes their suspension / transfer and in general, REMOVAL FROM POWER that much difficult. the existing rank holders are holding their ranks because
(a) they are efficient and deserve it and
(b) they are in favour – of whoever. once they are removed or slandered, it is easy for someone else to start creating a different coterie. no one is a saint, but in the process, Mr. Singh forms a crucial chip in the foundation that simply cannot be allowed to leave its position – or the structure of manipulation and deceit crumbles. therefore whatever the truth about him must remain obscure.

and about the truth: at this point i am convinced of his innocence. previously i was hesitant for the sake of objectivity. right now, it is objectivity that makes me resolute.after having waited long enough for the obvious to happen, i am convinced that it has not happened for a particular reason. it is not likely that the investigation did not cross examine witnesses in Mr. Singh’s case, and if they did, and found anything suspicous or incriminating, they would have
(a) suppressed it to sabotage the case or
(b) given the kind of public outcry, tried to clear at least one of the suspects to offer a semblance of sanity in all this confusion. with all the story doing the rounds about how the two DCs are going to be disposed off, it is highly unlikely that the first has happened. if it did, then other methods would have been adopted to suppress not just facts, but questions as well, questions like i have been asking. point is, THERE HAVE BEEN NO QUESTIONS!! there have been no answers either. only, a
continuation of the confusion cultivated by the press. there has been no relief. it is like a fog that refuses to disperse. in suppression or revelation, there cannot be the presence of any fog. it is created only when u want to suppress by not suppressing, subvert by not insinuating: there has been no insinuation of his guilt, officially, and neither has he been cleared.

only, a continuation of silence that enhances speculation. it is very clear to those who can squint with their ears in all this damn fog, Mr. Singh continues to be a particularly useful bit of block to bring down the existing power group, and for that, he shall most definitely be sacrificed for as long as possible. any information either way will jeopardise the carefully set up situation and topple the house of cards that lead the public on. therefore, say NOTHING and let imagination take over – and

imagination, currently, is being confused with perception and observation in these days of emotional turmoil.

the politicians: ………
i dont think i need to talk about them.

and finally,

the well meaning intellectuals who have tried very hard over the years to fight back against injustice perpetrated by the various administrative agencies like the police, and have come up repeatedly against a blank wall. if only the police could be brought

to book, even if it meant temporary humiliation for one person, it would actually be worth it. looking at the big picture, i agree that this is effective. we need to weigh the amount of hurt each side would have to suffer. if one person gets bruised in the process, it would be alright, because he would heal, and in any case, one person is a very insignificant spot when u think of the enormous benefits that this precedent, once set, shall provide for future struggles. and there will be future struggles. the people in power refuse to learn, which is why they are the people in power. the ruthlessness and corruption that goes with power (usually) is not one that would stop because they have been exposed. it is not possible that the police wasnt involved.

Rizwanur’s death is part of a hedious scheme, brutal and inefficient – the inefficiency arising out of the complacent arrogance of people who continue in life thinking they are untouchable.

This issue is not about avenging one person’s death: it is about ensuring that this does not happen again, to anyone. It will take ages of course. But each bit is one bit further that we can go. It we can USE this death to ensure that the coercive side of this particular arm of state machinery is brought to book at least once, then perhaps we ought to hold off our bookish morality and adopt a more practical end justifies means approach. Mr. Singh can willingly or unwillingly play his role in
this drama and agree to be used for a purpose that does have long range socio- political ramifications. it is not just about i, me and myself that life ought to be all about. being squeamish in a situation like this does not really help. the conscience, like most other surfaces in our psyche, responds as and how it has been socially conditioned. it is not always the perfect scale of morality even in an otherwise well balanced individual. there are times when it is courage to stoop a little and accept that u r not being entirely fair AT THIS MOMENT. because this moment has much to offer that could change so many lives for the better in the next.

Having said all that, i wish nonetheless that there were another way to do this. this method is also one of generalization. the individual is not taken into account. the society is made of faceless units. when u isolate one of them and tear it out of the
brickwork, IT becomes an idividual with a life and usually a family. the slur that this individual has to bear for the grand outcome is not taken into account – not for the squeamish i said, didnt i? i have faced problems myself – as has anyone else, i
am sure- which appear small when compared to others’ problems. but mine do not bother me less simply because they happen to be relatively small, relatively less important. my life is important to me, and whatever small problem that hurts my life is painful and felt deeply.

this small unit called Gyanwant Singh is a human being who may not have deserved to be turned into a pawn. still, i congratulate him on being given a position that allows him to serve the public in ways he probably had not visualized. and if i have been correct in assessing him as a human being and as a police officer, perhaps in the distant future, he will allow himself to feel better at having been a part of a largely benevolent scheme.

amen to that.

[title courtesy: what a fellow blogger wrote on the Rizwanur story]

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October 10, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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  1. I think your blog needs to be brought under attention because it is talking of certain things which might get immersed in the situation.
    I walked into your blog via पटरी पर जान, रिज़वान और अपने ज्ञानवंत
    I maintain a blog which talked of very different personal and poetic things, but after this tragedy it became hard to remain in my usual blogging self…my blog – which had been heavily visited since – entirely focuses – with the exception of one post – on Rizwanur Rehman for a month or so. I don’t think you will like my emotional posts.

    Probably it is difficult to maintain one’s integrity when one is working within such a rigorous system that the police force is; probably more so when one has to take orders from a senior without much questioning.
    But if Gyanwant is being made a scapegoat that is something worthy protesting too. This event might reveal too many bones within the closet.
    I will mention this in my blog and provide a link to your’s…though hate-scraps and comments might increase 🙂 People are generally in a state of emotional high now.
    Incidentally I am getting a lot of hate-mails/scraps/comments too.
    Thanks again for throwing light upon certain overlooked aspects…and I really like your acerbic style.

    Life's Elsewhere

    October 22, 2007 at 7:03 pm

  2. thank you…for everything 🙂


    October 23, 2007 at 12:43 pm

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