Gyanwant: an alternative analysis

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I have been fortunate on two counts:

first, Sujato da has taken me seriously enough to reply to my mail which contained a proposed text for this post, and

second, he has also permitted me to put in here the text of his reply to me.

I have omitted the last few lines which i shall summarize, and part of the first line which identifies me by my real name: i wish to remain buzz off here.

And another thing: this post will NOT contain any analysis of the situation as i see it. Mr. Bhadra insisted that i do not spread confusion, and an analysis of his text from my perspective, however well meaning, might do just that. i wanted to include his name and opinion in this blog to impart to it the depth and importance that buzz off’s amateurish rambling could not possibly manage… I am simply trying to get people to notice me and my ideas. my primary proposition had been that the media has crucified him because that gets them profit. i stand by that, and my assertion that there has been no serious investigative journalism. apart from that, i have sense enough to submit that i am pretty much a novice as far as procedures of justice are concerned. and yes, one more thing: i just heard something which i cant clarify just now: that pryianka has said the police did not threaten her.

ok, enough of me…here goes his reply first, after which is published the draft that i had sent him.

Dear Prof.[……..],

as promised, I have read your proposed text. Why civil liberties bodies like APDR demands suspenasion of the accused [ which not necessary means guilty] is to be clearly spelt out : not to influence the proceeding, not use its power in oppressive manner against witnesses, not use its office to destroy whatever little evidence that exist; 2ndly, this step will act as an example and warning to other officials ; they would learn that they are not above law ; they can not enjoy power without accountability and with impunity. Thereafter question of moral indictment comes.

If we say suspension technique is nothing but absolutely appease technique then we miss another dimension – positive role of civil society and of media despite its limitation to force the govt aganist the prime facie proved delinquent police officials.;no govt can remain silent or take no action in the face of justified social outcry .The govt may have a design which different from that of people,but that does not nullify the very action, however limited. Your presumption about govt.’s motive behind ‘ removal technique” , let us agree, is for malafide intention, bit that does not follow that not to remove; to keep the accused oficers and others in their same respective post will be a slur on Indian democracy.

There is a legal principle: it is not enough only to deliver the justice, justice has to be appeared to have been done. In the instant case the gang of five should be suspensed for fiar trial and trial shold be free from terrorised atmosphere.


Sujato bhadra

*[this part of the reply refers to my post FAQ, and a certain statement there which might create confusion, and so, he says, i must not use his name or this reply in my blog. i called him, talked to him, and thankfully, he agreed to let me publish his reply]


Proposed Post:

Gyanwant: the next phase

I am happy to say that Mr. Sujato Bhadra shares my point of view to a certain significant extent. We just talked, and i mention this to enhance my position and the content of my blog. After all, i am just a lone and unknown voice raving about obscure things; if someone of Sujato da’s stature can be made to join in, it just might sound sane and attract some attention.

Lets talk about the situation first:

a) no criminal investigation yet

b) removal of gyanwant and ajay appeases public

c) they go home satisfied that justice has been done, because most of them seem to believe that removing the concerned police officers is the order of the day, and they did kill Rizwanur. the public has been operating on pure emotion, which can often backfire, and serve to shield the real culprits

d) anyway, politically, the ruling party then would be giving the public a puja gift by removing the officers; the public go home and enjoy this ‘victory’ during the pujas; justice has apparently been done

e) after the pujas people dont bother about what happens next, because their personal and emotional agenda has been fulfilled; never mind who killed Riz

f) mission accomplished; left front saves face; case forgotten in a couple of months.

Sujato da insists that the officers be suspended strictly according to procedure- it would simply mean that they are off active duty while investigation is being carried on since they are also on suspect – not guilty- list. if innocence if proved, they resume duty, and nothing is lost: this was just a moral indictment on them, and on the police in general.

this sounds fair enough. He understands my stand, but has his own, which is perfectly logical and objective. after all, he is down there fighting the case, or trying to fight: i am in the virtual world, with my cup of coffe, lounging in my room and typing out some staff. he cant afford to be anything but objective here. no arguments.

and most important, we both agree that suspension or transfer now has to be a public appeasing technique… after all, why wasnt this cursory measure carried out before.
we differ in that he cannot help but insist on the suspenison, and proper investigation thereafter, and i am scared that this suspension now, if it happens, will actually calm the public, which has been instrumental in keeping the case alive.
Priyanka could not be talked to because she is absolutely devastated, so it will be a while till we know exactly what gyanwant did…

no more time tonight; i had intended to modify my stance a little according to what suajato da has mentioned, and analyse the situation in a slightly different vein than i have done so far, but there is hardly any time left now… i shall write another draft later and send it to him again for his approval and hopefully publish it very soon. meanwhile, will await comments.


post script:

Sujato da is how i refer to him and / or address him as: it does not imply close camaraderie; i am fortunate, like i said, that he has taken me seriously enough to reply to my mail, and to allow me to publish it as well. apart from that, he merely knows me by face, and i feel good and grateful that he remembers it 🙂


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October 9, 2007 at 7:00 pm

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