Gyanwant Singh: some interesting facts

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Just watched a TV report on Sukanti – his achievements in coercion and harassment… if not for anything else, the CP should be relieved of his duties for even thinking of promoting a criminal like him.

No one has been too interested in Singh – apart from constantly referring to him as the one of the two accused. Thought of shedding some light on the kind of officer he has been so far. Interesting that the media has not bothered to find out exactly what his role was by corroborating his version of it with that of other witnesses.

Oh, and i am profoundly disappointed with the two Arena students… it was a complete waste of time talking to them. Just hope my students dont behave in this manner if i am killed. Even active apathy would be better than this mindless shortcut to protest.

Here goes:

The Times of India
Jilted lovers misuse net to avenge ‘insult’
5 Sep 2006, 0004 hrs IST,Saibal Sen,TNN

KOLKATA: The craze may be catching on across the country, but for three girls, ‘orkutting’ turned out to be a nightmare.

The city police have probed at least three complaints — the last of them from Bilaspur (Madhya Pradesh) — where jilted lovers and spurned friends had turned to Orkut with vengeance, creating obscene profiles and lewd albums, making life living hell for the victims.

The three complaints, two of which were made by Kolkata-based girls and one from Madhya Pradesh, were received in the last three months. In each, detective found out later, the girls knew their tormentors.

However, no case was lodged, as officers felt the three ‘offending’ youth had a bright future ahead of them.

“They were let off with a stern warning. We explained to them that these acts were punishable both under the Information Technology Act and the Indian Penal Code.

If slapped with cases, either their careers will be ruined or they might land up in jail. They are young people who claimed to have done this in momentary madness,” said Gyanwant Singh, deputy commissioner.

For the victims, however, this hasn’t been easy. Take for example the latest complaint. This 23-year-old Bengali girl now doing her MA in Bilaspur (Madhya Pradesh) was quite depressed after her long relationship with a youth fell apart.

They’d called off their engagement. While the girl was trying her best to come to terms with reality, this youth was plotting revenge. So what did he do?

He turned to Orkut. He created a completely new profile of the girl — replete with her name and address (even her mail ID’s and cell-number).


The Telegraph
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sleuth chief flayed for bulletin goof-up

The state government on Monday censured city detective chief Gyanwant Singh for the ?goof-up? that led to the publication of ?bribe rates? in Calcutta Police Gazette and ordered an inquiry against two persons involved with the printing of the bulletin.

Though no one has been named, insiders in the home department claimed the inquiry would find out the role of the head assistant to Singh, deputy commissioner (I) of the detective department, and the printer of the Gazette. Both are on staff of the Calcutta Police Directorate, but are not police personnel.

Acting police commissioner Gautam Mohan Chakrabarty has said in his report that Singh, the final authority in approving of the write-ups, was at fault, but added that the officer was hard-pressed for time because of the security arrangements that had to be made for the delimitation commission session at Mahajati Sadan on September 8.

Singh cleared the write-ups a day before, when he was busy with the security preparations, the report said.

Home secretary Prasad Ranjan Ray said there had been ?lapses on Singh?s part? and that he would be ?censured in writing?. But apart from that, the government will not take any action against him because of his ?good record?. In fact, the probe announced on Wednesday will be carried out by Singh. The report will be submitted in a week.

Repeating what he had said earlier, Ray said the publication of the ?bribe rates? was not a mistake, but a ?deliberate? act. The hint was that those responsible for it wanted to malign the image of the force.

Published on September 8, Part IV of the Gazette claimed that an undertrial at the Sealdah court lock-up can have foreign liquor by paying Rs 200 or speak on a cell phone by paying Rs 100 to a policeman. If an undertrial wants to talk to an outsider, the rate is Rs 50.

The authorities have found out that someone had kept the draft, containing the bribe details, in a heap of papers on the head assistant?s table. The slip was marked ?printer? ? meaning it was to be published in the Gazette.

This, it appears, was done by an officer of the detective department, who knew that the head assistant usually did not go through the write-ups.

And, as usual, the head assistant passed on the draft to the printer, who forwarded it to deputy commissioner Singh for approval.


‘Politicians tricked us into committing crimes’
Author: IANS
Publication: The New Indian Express
Date: February 28, 2004
URL: http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IEP20040228005937&Page=P&Title=States&Topic=0&
Forty-eight criminals in a West Bengal jail have told a police officer that politicians misled them into committing crimes like murder, rape and arson.

It what appears to be a case of belated realisation for the prisoners of Berhampore Central Jail in Murshidabad district, they have sought help from the officer to start life afresh.

The criminals wrote to Murshidabad police chief Gyanwant Singh Feb 16, saying various political parties had used them (criminals) for political gains.

“Opportunist political leaders tricked us with their doctrines and made us commit crimes and turned many of us against each other,” the letter said.

While 20 of the prisoners said they worked for the Congress party, 28 said they indulged in criminal activities at the behest of the ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M).

The 48 men hail from 25 politically volatile villages of Murshidabad. They said traditionally their families owed allegiance to the Congress or CPI-M.

“The leaders of the two parties incited and encouraged us to attack each other. We fell victim to their machinations,” the letter said.

The criminals admitted that for 20 years they indulged in political violence. They also held the police and the administration responsible for their plight.

“The socio-economic structure in our villages has collapsed. Everyone’s future has plunged into darkness. Even we are victims of this political attrition,” the letter said.

Predictably, both the Congress and CPI-M have refused to acknowledge the criminals as their members and dismissed their claims as false.

“We don’t believe in the politics of murder,” said CPI-M MP Mainul Hasan. “Our party doesn’t incite violence,” matched Congress leader Mannan Hossain.

Police officer Singh is inclined to help the criminals, who have promised to shun violence.



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