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of course, no one has really asked me anything frequently, but from comments and observations, i suspect my posts appear a little confusing to most. and neither do they lend themselves to quick scrolling. so here goes:

1) Why do i appear less focussed on Rizwanur?

because there is hardly anything i can do about the victim: the investigation will reveal what it has to reveal in due course. i can only keep the issue alive by referring to it repeatedly, if it starts to die down sometime in the future.

2) Why am i sucking up to Gyanwant?

thats in my nature: i want him to notice how i am sticking up for him so that i can ask for favours later. simple.

3) What is it that i am REALLY trying to say?

that there has been no real investigative journalism.



ok, let me explain for one last time.

involvement of the DC Headquarters is a serious issue. did he call the couple, or did a common / family friend bring the couple to him?

or did he speak to the girl in the presence of her parents?

why did he speak to any of them at all? was it in a personal capacity? – like, someone knows him (in this case Anil Saraogi)and knows the Todis as well, and decides to ask for his help in convincing the girl she is wrong etc…

in any case, what did he tell her/ him / them?
was he trying to break the marriage?
send the girl home temporarily?
trying to understand what was going on?
did Todi bribe him to talk to the couple/Rizwanur/Priyanka?
none of the above?
all of the above?
some of the above?

what on earth is going on here?
why isnt the media interested in the TRUTH?
why is there so much presumption?

5) Um… right… so what is everyone supposed to do, according to me?

less presumption, to begin with.
if the boy hadnt been killed (i am going to presume that he was killed), things would have been very different.
Gyanwant’s would have been a friendly advice if things had worked out well for all…

now that there are allegations, the only thing that journalists should have done is:

A> interview Gyanwant
B> interview others… people who know first hand what he had actually done/ said
C> do a comparision to come to a definite conclusion


all they have done so far is,

A> published confusing and often contradictory news reports about what he has done or not done.

B> shown a distinct apathy at verifying any of that

C> been satisfied with shouting themselves hoarse over who should be removed from which post instead of doing any kind of investigation (refer to what i have written about that above)

D> appeared (to me at least) more interested in nailing Gyanwant and selling papers than proving him either guilty or innocent

E> and therefore smacked dangerously of some political agenda

6) Political agenda? What political agenda?

you know, the usual… Muslim boy dies under questionable circumstances before elections.
left front must save face.
sacking of senior IPS officers would be a very ‘bold and honest’ step
and probably quench part of the thirst for blood
and assure more Muslim and otherwise votes…

…and shift focus from who had actually killed Rizwanur and how.

‘even a senior IPS officer like Mr. Gyanwant Singh was not spared’ sounds impressive enough. never mind whether he is guilty or not.

statements demanding their summary removal have come already, and the media seemed uninterested when Mr. Upen Biswas put things in perspective and said something like ‘let the CID do its job’ instead of presuming things etc.

7) Brilliant! So how come no body else noticed all this?

thank you. i dont know. i intend to find out.

was that sarcasm btw?

8) So thats it? I am trying to save the innocent and all…?

well.. yes, and no. the investigation will reveal what it will reveal.
but many cases are known to have been shoved under the table and lost forever.
i am more concerned with what this is doing to the public image of Gyanwant whom i consider an officer and a gentleman. if the case is suppressed, people will still blame him and say he got away with murder. i dont think he deserves that. the media sould come forth and do its bit to ensure that the truth about his and other people’s actions / roles come forth so that we know at least that much, independent of whether the CID manages to solve the case in ten years or so.

9) May i ask some more questions later as and when they come to me?

sure. goodnight.


Written by kapush

October 4, 2007 at 7:17 am

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