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ok. lets see… election around the corner, and Muslim boy gets killed / dies. not the most favourable situation for the ruling party. pls note the Muslim part. i think we can safely rule out official left party involvement here. or even unofficial.

why am i doing this by the way? because i am a smart@$$. happy? now scroll down or scram.

the body is found so much without injury that it is difficult to pass of as a suicide case even without CID enquiry. what – a bunch of morons killed him and tried to fake it? or perhaps someone was trying to show that this was being faked? trying to make sure everyone knew that this was a murder that was being framed as a suicide?

apparently the police arrived promptly after they were notified of his death; wouldnt pick up his cell which kept ringing as if they knew who he was (will link to the page where i found this info later)…
conclusion 1) the police were directly involved in his killing, and were waiting for the call from the public
conclusion 2) the police were indirectly involved in his killing, and were waiting for the call from the public

conclusion 3) anyone? hm?

Todi wasnt here when the murder took place. how convenient. the perfect alibi.
who stands to gain from Rizwanur’s death?
1) Todi. his daughter is not going back now. is probably, and hopefully going to let time be the healer and put all this behind her someday and begin a new life; in any case, she was easily convinced that her husband committed suicide.
2) political overtones here: the left front is going to lose a lot of Muslim votes if Buddha doesnt play this right.

i wonder if playing this right might mean sacrificing Gyanwant.
i havent found anything in the news that shows he threatened the couple. badly need Priyanka’s version of the story. no word of this from the official story of the CID; but then, they let her talk instead of asking her questions. and since Gyanwant is my personal agenda, i need not assume they found it important enough to move the conversation in that direction either.

look at ajay kumar’s actions: on the one hand he threatens Riz and on the other, makes Priyanka’s people sign a bond that she will be returned in eight days (or was it seven). smacks of high handed moral policing more than intention to kill off the man. perhaps that bit was reserved for Sukanti and Krishnendu.

strange that they should now pass the buck so directly. like they have been prompted to lie about it. i mean, they are still going to work under the same superiors assuming the two IPS are not found guilty or removed for any other reason. doesnt make sense to antagonize them so blatantly. what exactly is going on here?

anyone remember the medical kit case? Singh was creating more than a stir. too many big feathers were being ruffled. he is promoted out of it, and no one ever hears of the case again.
i could be wrong of course, in which case, please let me know if any – i mean any, news item was aired or written on the case after Singh became DC Headquarters from DCDD1. Doesnt sound like a man who could be bought or threatened at all.

lot of disjointed thoughts. cant be called analysis. will try to put them together some time later. right now though: I LOVE SHAKESPEARE! knew you not Pompey? etc. etc.

btw, some Martian of a CID had threatened Sujato Bhadra with arrest and tried to fool him with an altered version of CRPC 91 (or 19?)
I mean, anyone who threatens Sujato da with arrest has to be from Mars, right? and hoping to intimidate him with altered version of the Code? i dont know… ridiculous?

makes me think of my earlier post on dehra dun … i had called it musing and talked about the arrogance that comes of authority and ignorance and lack of education… or something to that effect. the CID is investigating whether the police made threat calls. funny. a gentleman volunteers to tell all he knows on the case, and all they can do is act smart and try to intimidate him. Krishnendu and Sukanti are in good company. they dont have a chance. the CID know all their tactics, and more. ladies and gents, here we have a no win situation where both contenders are equally pathetic and disgusting. i think they should take turns investigating each other.

one more thing: Sujato da is what i call him, refer to him as… doesnt mean i am pally with him. he knows me by face, thats all. i am NOT a very important person really. hardly anyone knows me outside of my small small circle.

have to leave now. more on this later unless i delete the whole damn ranting in the morning.


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October 1, 2007 at 7:03 pm

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