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in 1995 i was in dehradun for a couple of months. trees everywhere, and shrubs, and green in general. some of the buildings fitted right in: the bungalow types, or even the mansions that were tastefully constructed. they looked at home. the trees looked comfortable housing them, growing around them. the pump-houses and the small white-washed government constructions looked out of place. i felt uncomfortable around them. weird feeling, actually, – just because something doesnt appear to fit in is no reason to feel ‘uncomfortable’. maybe because they represent the ugly side of authority: intruding upon people, asking questions, making rules and imposing them… the uniformed half wits that tell you ‘yahan jana mana hain’ , or ask suspiciously ‘aap ka kya kaam hain?’ i was once almost shot by an RPF at the Talapark Rail-yard when i had gone there for sketching. not being an elitist here, but there ought to be the presence of a minimum amount of intelligence in creatures who have legal rights to carry firearms and use them too.

the stark look of those pump houses (i dont know why i tend to believe that they were all pump houses) was ugly and oppressive. i am probably overreacting here, or overfelt there… but thats the way i felt. they appeared ruthless, forcing themselves upon the greens and looking on with a certain smugness that comes of a sense of security bred by mediocrity and abuse of power.

i saw another pump house the other day from the tea stall that i sometimes breakfast in. this wasnt a pump house though: just a toilet, nondescript, white washed, stark, with a lush green foliage in the background. the newly built compound of the flat was right next to a garden. somehow, this pump house didnt look ugly. our area is nowhere as green as dehra, and the greenery behind this construction actually looked good, not oppressed. the bit of nature was a kind of relief when put against all the buildings around it. it looked nice and small and perfectly in sync with the white structure. i wonder how this tasteless building would have looked elsewhere. relativity is a curious thing.

the pic that comes with this post has nothing to do with it. just thought of adding it…

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June 28, 2007 at 8:28 pm


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never did understand this compulsive need to blog… u want to talk, and invite others to listen too: what is this? ego? insecurity? boredom with the real world? well, look who’s talking. i remain on the net for.. how many hours a day?
still, now that i have my own blog – dont know how long it will last though – i feel like writing too. this has to be a disease of some kind. the need to feel satisfied with one’s own musings is a healthy disease i suppose. but i am serious about the quarrel bit. here we have finch who just chickened out. CHICKEN FINCH. hope there will be other more enthusiastic visitors. the art of decent quarrel is lost in this day of shrugging and ‘oh its a free country’ thing. free country my foot. but more on that later. a good quarrel is when u r not being abusive, but not backing out of anything either, and supporting urself with logic and, if possible, humour. oh, and u dont need a real topic to quarrel do u? agree to disagree and blah blah blah on anything, and see how far that goes. something like creative writing. some people talk, and u want to listen. they dont have anything particularly interesting to say, but u do listen. they talk well. add that skill to substance curved out of nothing (which is quite a feat wouldnt u say? ), and u have a nice little quarrel on hand.
i’ll enlighten u further on this later.

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June 9, 2007 at 8:25 pm